Careful now, this could cause damage to feels. It’s been a great ride, and a great show.

Merlin Tribute || We’ve Had The Time Of Our Lives (by missjessieban)


He doesn’t let his mind go there because he can’t. Because he still has a job to do and Stiles is probably fine and it’s not like it’s the first time he’s ever run off anyway.

So he doesn’t let himself think about it because if he does, he won’t be able to get himself off the floor and out of the liquor cabinet.

But in this moment, this second, he lets himself dwell on the fact that his only son, his beloved son, might be dead.


So I don’t think Derek told the beta pups about Scott’s betrayal. It would have been easy enough, with the hunters searching every square mile of Beacon Hills, to tell them not to go near Scott or Stiles under the pretense of keeping Scott and Stiles out of the line of fire, and I don’t think Isaac would have gone to Scott the way he did if he’d known that Scott was working with Gerard. 

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